Photography Taster session

If you are interested in studying one of our photography courses, why not join us for a taster session and find out what we are all about? 

You will have the opportunity to meet staff and chat about the courses as well as learn some practical tips for taking great photos at home. 

Our taster days are split over two weeks; session one is an introduction and workshop on home portraiture, session two is an opportunity to review and give feedback on the work you have made. 

Home(made) Portrait Lighting Workshop

  • Using household lighting - lamp, ceiling, candle, and phone light
  • Creating lighting tools with household materials (reflectors using foil and card)
  • Basic lighting techniques - Rembrandt, Split, Butterfly, Loop
  • Ability to use phone, compact, or DSLR camera
  • These skills and tools are simple additions to dramatically improve the aesthetic of your images.

If you are a teacher/lecturer with a group booking and would like to arrange a bespoke session, please contact

Please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Manager Sian Addicott if you have any queries

See the Documentary Photography and Visual Activism (BA) and Photography in the Arts (BA) pages for more information about the courses.