David Kirk smiles into the sun in a holiday photo; a lake and wooded hillside form the background.

Professor David Kirk

Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde, Honorary Professor in Human Movement University of Queensland, and special advisor to the House of Commons committee on post-2012 legacy.


Wearing a pale grey formal top and pendant, Professor Margaret Whitehead smiles slightly towards the camera.

Professor Margaret Whitehead

Visiting Professor, University of Bedfordshire, Author of Physical Literacy Throughout the Life Course, Founder and Honorary President of the International Physical Literacy Association.

Wearing a purple-and-black floral dress, Jackie Goodway smiles up towards the camera.

Professor Jackie Goodway

Professor, School of Physical Activity and Educational Services, The Ohio State University, Author of the Active Start Programme (USA) and SKIP Programmes for raising achievement in areas of extreme social deprivation.

Wearing a navy suit and yellow tie, David Stodden smiles, his back to a brick wall.

Professor David Stodden

Professor, Department of Physical Education and Athletic Training University of South Carolina.