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Health and Physical Literacy Research

A woman makes notes on a clipboard while a figure in the background jogs towards her.

There is a growing emphasis on the maintenance of good health to reduce the need for curing poor health. This approach, drawing on Antonovsky’s notion of Salutogenesis, recognises that we need to have resources to support our health and wellbeing.

Combining McElroy’s adaptation of Bronbrenfenner’s Social Ecological Model and Salutogenesis, all our research is underpinned by a Saluto-ecological approach (Piper et al., 2022). With this approach physical literacy is viewed as an individual resource supporting physical activity and as a key concept for supporting broader wellbeing.

Our team is conducting research in a range of projects from early childhood and parental engagement right across the life course to the aging population. Furthermore, our staff support a range of postgraduate studies at Masters and PhD level. 

All of our research is applied to practice. You can read below how our research impacts outcomes for young children, parents, older adults and patients, and improves health and wellbeing in our communities.

Fitness and Health Assessments (and Exercise Prescription)

Linked to our research around health and aging, We offer fitness and health assessments as well as tailored exercise prescription to decrease the onset of age-related medical conditions as well as supporting active individuals including athletes. Click on the link below to read about our options.

Fitness and Health Assessment Options