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We have a range of completed and on-going post graduate research studies linked to Health and Physical Literacy.

The team in WAHPL manage and support three Master’s programmes in the Institute: MA Physical Education, Sport and Physical LiteracyMA Outdoor Education, MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

Student research projects from these master's programmes have investigated a range of topics — some examples include:

Outdoor Dissertation Research at Level 7

  • An exploration of how women perceive the presence of others to affect their freedom in outdoor activities.
  • The landscape of outdoor learning in Zimbabwe and the impact of indigenous culture on engagement with the outdoors.
  • ‘Sense of Place’ in Further Education Outdoor Adventure.
  • How does disconnection from social media on a three-day, UK-based, outdoor residential contribute to the learning experience and change in attitudes or behaviour toward future use?
  • Sharing the experience: parent perspectives of an outdoor education programme for families with children and young persons at an SEN school.
  • Paddlesport motivation within Wales: an exploration of motivational differences for recreational paddlesport participation within Wales.

Physical Literacy and Physical Education Research at Level 7

  • Parental perspectives in relation to pre-schoolers physical activity
  • Opportunities for female-identifying-players in Ultimate
  • Parents' perception of early specialisation
  • The impact of SKIP-Cymru on pupils’ motor skills
  • The role of street dance in interest development and subjective task value of male secondary students
  • Psychosocial and environmental factors that influence university students’ physical activity.

PhD Students

Full-time PhD students:

  • Dr Amanda John (completed)— The impact of SKIP Cymru professional development on pupils’ motor competence, perceived competence and physical activity. 
  • Dr. Kate Piper (completed) — A social ecological study of mass participation sports events in Pembrokeshire.
  • Anna Stevenson (ongoing) — The evaluation and development of Footie Families, a family physical activity engagement programme. 

Part-time PhD students:

  • Graham French — A new model for Outdoor Adventure Education for Key Stage 3 
  • David Gardner —High Intensity Training for post-menopausal women 
  • Martin Norman — Therapeutic landscapes 

For more information about studying at postgraduate level please contact Dr Andy Williams at a.williams@uwtsd.ac.uk  or Dr Nalda Wainwright at n.wainwright@uwtsd.ac.uk