A young woman leans forwards to talk to a small group of children.

We have a range of published research in the field of early childhood physical development. Our SKIP Cymru research building on 30 years of existing motor development research was a submitted to the REF2021 as an impact case study.

Original PhD research identified the need for addressing a lack of motor development in children in relation to object control skills. The subsequent SKIP Cymru programme was evaluated and has recently been researched as a three-year EU-funded PhD project. The findings from this work led to the development of more in depth accredited professional development. You can read about our training programmes for early years practitioners.

We have researched the perceptions and needs of parents in relation to their pre-school children’s physical activity. The team at WAHPL wrote the Footie Families early years engagement programme in collaboration with the Football Association of Wales (FAW). Anna Stevenson has evaluated and developed the programme for her PhD research.

Working in collaboration with ATiC we have researched the impact of the MiniMovers APP activities on pre-schoolers’ physical development and the experiences of parents. 

Findings from all of these studies are being presented at the 4th CIAPSE Congress in Luxembourg.

Read more about our Master’s and PhD students’ research 

To learn more out our physical literacy research, study the MA Physical Education, Sport and Physical Literacy, or learn more about PhD study in physical literacy, contact  Dr Nalda Wainwright at n.wainwright@uwtsd.ac.uk  To read our publications go to Dr Nalda Wainwright on ResearchGate.