Basic logo with text: REF 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

The work of the Wales Academy for Health and Physical Literacy was part of the UWTSD REF2021 submission. The SKIP Cymru research, publications and programme of professional development were submitted as an impact case study, highlighting the impact of the Academy's applied research in practice.

Research led by Dr Nalda Wainwright identified a gap in the development of pupils’ motor skills in the Foundation Phase in Wales. 

To address this, WAHPL developed and evaluated a programme of professional development in schools and pre-school settings. Successful Kinaesthetic Instruction for Pre-schoolers in Wales (SKIP-Cymru) has trained over 1,000 teachers, early years practitioners, coaches, and parents to be able to improve the physical competence of children in their care.

The programme has gained national recognition through a recommendation in the Health and Social Care Committee report on physical activity and as a best-practice case study featured in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 support materials. In 2019, following publication of research evaluating the success of SKIP-Cymru, the Welsh Government accepted that Fundamental Motor Skills need to be taught at an early age, and that these should be provided for in the new National Curriculum for Wales. Read more about SKIP Cymru and our evidence-based training programmes.