Here you can read a range of reviews from headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants and other early years practitioners who have attended our training which highlight the impact it has had on their work.

“All staff received the Developing and Supporting Physical Development in Early Childhood training, transforming the ethos of the school as now all staff see the importance of movement. There was a huge positive impact on the children’s motor development however this also transferred into their enthusiasm, concentration, engagement and positive behaviour in other areas of learning.”
Head Teacher, Pembrokeshire

 “We received an Ofsted inspection, and my Physical Education lesson was observed. The lead inspector was impressed with the range of engaging activities that catered for all the needs of the children and was interested in hearing about the benefits of the developmentally appropriate equipment and other aspects of the training. The physical education session was highlighted in the official Ofsted report; noted for developing deep knowledge and skills.”
Teacher, England

“I feel fortunate to have attended the course with my colleagues as we have been able to support each other and share good practice.”
Teacher, Newport

“Having learnt the same principles as the teachers, I feel confident in supporting the children with the activities and adapting them to suit different abilities.”
Teaching assistant, Swansea

“The beauty of this inclusive and holistic pedagogy has been the freedom to adapt each session including the focus and level of challenge, to achieve the maximum benefits for each pupil regardless of their starting point.”
Teacher, Carmarthen

“Children's smiles and laughter have been apparent throughout, their engagement and body language has shown confidence in their actions and a willingness to try new things which has really improved their moving and transferred into everything they are doing.”
Teacher, Pembrokeshire

“Unlike more traditional physical education lessons, where the focus is on a particular sporting technique which are competitive in nature, the use of the gardens instead allows a flexible multi-sport approach which has enabled easy adjustments to meet the needs and capabilities of each pupil and created a more inclusive environment.”
Teacher, Swansea

“I have become more observant of the developmental needs of the children, and the ways I can integrate opportunities for them to develop their sensory integration which has improved their physical development.”
Nursery Teacher, Newport

“The children's class teacher feels that the sessions are having a massive impact on their wellbeing and the children are more focused and engaged in their learning.”
Sport Development Manager, Anglesey