Work-based Learning Project

This module is designed to enable learners to pursue an independent work-based learning project which has been negotiated with both their organisation and their assigned tutor.

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Wales Institute for Work-based Learning
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Nick Samuel
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The negotiated project will need to demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of a specific area within the organisation. Different research methods will be applied during the process and the results analysed and interpreted. Due regard to ethical issues will be an essential component and ethical approval will need to be agreed in advance. Conclusions and recommended future actions based on the study will be presented in a seminar.

This course is aimed at Work-based learners who wish to undertake a project to develop or improve workplace practice.

Nick Samuel

Assessment 1: Project proposal

Assessment 2: Workplace study

Assessment 3: Presentation of project outcomes

No formal entry requirements, however learners will need to prove that a work-based project in line with academic requirements can be achieved.

There are no additional costs to this course.

At induction you will be provided with an introduction to the module and outline agreement to a project proposal pending ethical approval. You will also be allocated a project supervisor with whom you will agree an action plan and tutorial programme.