The Academy has an international reputation in doctoral education and the design of its impact for the candidate and their workplace.

Our lead faculty: Prof Stephen Palmer, Dr Annette Fillery-Travis and Dr Christine Davies are some of the most productive and well-cited researchers in coaching, mentoring, coaching psychology, stress and wellbeing, professional learning, doctoral education, e-learning and organisational change whilst maintaining a true focus on the needs of their doctoral candidates. 

Their past students include thought leaders in the field of coaching and mentoring, such as Dr Alison Hodge, Dr Lise Lewis, Dr Catherine Carr, Dr Jacqueline Peters and  Dr Stephen Bardon.

The Academy provides a dedicated supervisory team for each doctoral candidate who are able to provide cutting edge knowledge in your field. We do this by drawing on supporting faculty from Universities across the globe so your supervisory team can provide you with the best advice.

Reasons for coming to us for your doctorate  

  1. Our supervisory experience is extensive, and we have an enviable completion rate as we deal with each candidate as a mature individual with significant calls on their time.
  2. Our candidates meet together regularly in the first two years and beyond. We encourage them to form a community which supports their work.
  3. We provide a full workshop and assessment programme that is concentrated upon providing each candidate with what they need to do their research.
  4. Our candidates are supported to publish and present at conferences. In 2019 the DProf learner community published three books and spoke at a number of conferences.
  5. Each candidate’s supervisory panel is designed for their needs and can/will include academics from other Universities if they are the best fit for the candidate’s work (included in the fees).
  6. The candidate’s studies are carefully tracked centrally so they can be happy that they are progressing well.
  7. The staff/candidate committee that allows candidates to bring any non-academic difficulties or opportunities to the faculty so they can be addressed quickly.

At the Academy, you are in control of your doctoral journey so you can have confidence that your experience will allow you to fulfil your aspirations and achieve the impact you desire. 

There are two routes to your doctorate depending upon your vision and needs - the professional doctorate and the PhD. Each result in the same outcome in terms of high-quality research, but the route to each is different and will suit diverse types of research and student aspiration. As part of our initial contact, we will take some time to consider with you the doctorate that would be best for what you want to achieve.

To discuss your aspirations and needs please contact Dr Karim Sadeghi on to make an appointment for an initial informal discussion.