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General information for new learners on the DProf programme

This information should be helpful prior to the first DProf residential workshop

Residential workshops

Residential workshops are a key feature of Part 1 of the programme, and you can expect two of these during your first year (approximately March and October). The duration of each workshop is usually 2 days.

These take place at UWTSD, Lampeter. 

Find out more about Lampeter campus, along with a campus map and information about travelling to Lampeter.

It is relatively easy to get as far as Carmarthen (eg. by train) but public transport options are limited to bus travel between Carmarthen and Lampeter.

The UWTSD Lampeter campus is in the heart of Lampeter Town and it is easy to walk to the many small shops and cafes in the town. However, note that few of these are open after 5.30pm and there are no catering facilities open on campus after this time.

Car parking:  A large car-park is available at the rear of the campus for car users. Car parking is free for UWTSD students but you will need to apply online for a permit. Please go to the UWTSD website for more information.

Accommodation:    Your DProf fees include bed and breakfast at the Lloyd Thomas Hall near the main reception (St David's Building). A room will be reserved for you unless you inform us that it is not required. If you are travelling some distance, we can reserve the room for the night before and after the residential if necessary. The Main Reception in the St David's Building is open 24hr to collect keys, and for any queries.

Candidates sometimes stay overnight at Carmarthen the night before a residential workshop; tutors may then be able to provide a lift up and back - let us know if this would be helpful to you.

It is likely that your base at UWTSD Lampeter will be the Wolfson Room in the main St. David's Building but details will be confirmed before you arrive.

Wifi is available throughout the campus, though some areas are patchy. Note that Lampeter is surrounded by hills, and hence mobile phone reception on some networks can be limited.

What you will study

During the first residential, you will commence your study of one core 30 credit Level 7 (Master’s level) module. You will study on a further core module during the second residential. Assignment submission is approximately 5 months after the appropriate residential.
These two core modules are:

Details of all modules and assignments can be found in the DProf programme handbook and Module Directory which will be made available to you during the first residential. Relevant hand-outs will also be provided, though you may wish to bring notepaper and/or a lap-top (all documents will also be available online on the UWTSD Moodle website). You will be notifired before the residential about any reading you should aim to undertake in advance.

More about module BMPF7100

This module provides an overview of research approaches, and also reviews key aspects of academic communication such as the structure of journal articles. As part of a discussion on research approaches, we consider philosophical underpinnings, and meet a few words that may be new to you (but not too many awkward ones!). It may be helpful to you to become familiar with the following words which we will eventually use quite a lot:

  • Ontology: the study of what can be considered real, and how this influences the research approach
  • Epistemology: the study of how knowledge is acquired, and the types of knowledge considered valid in different contexts
  • Methodology: the framework for the research methods that may be employed in a particular project

More about module BMPF7103

This module provides opportunities to reflect on, and articulate, aspects of past learning and achievement. It would be useful to bring with you a copy of your CV and any documentation relating to qualifications and professional role (eg. certificates, training records)