Research and Scholarship

Research is at the heart of our work in professional development so you can be assured that our provision is at the cutting edge of practice.

Our lead faculty: Prof Stephen Palmer, Dr Annette Fillery-Travis and Dr Christine Davies are some of the most productive and well-cited researchers in coaching, mentoring, coaching psychology, stress and wellbeing, professional learning, doctoral education, e-learning and organisational change whilst maintaining a true focus on the needs of their doctoral candidates.

Prof Stephen Palmer is the author of over 50 books and numerous peer-reviewed publicationsDr Annette Fillery-Travis has published widely and been part of a range of EU projects including leading one on best practice in doctoral supervision ( and a current Horizon 2020 project on e-learning. Annette has not only developed the Academy’s unique vision as a home for the generation and critique of applied research but she has also trained doctoral supervisors across Europe in its development. Dr Christine Davies has particular interest in pedagogical research and enhancing the student experience during their programme.

We have a thriving research group in coaching and mentoring that meets monthly in London and can offer doctoral supervision in a range of areas. If you would like to join us on your own research journey then please see our doctoral programmes here.

The Senior Fellow Programme

The WAPPAR has created a fellowship opportunity at this pivotal time at the Institute. We have recently adopted a new strategic plan that gives us the bold goal of becoming a leader in work-based learning, coaching, mentoring, and wellbeing. We are asking new questions of ourselves, our candidates, and the fields in which we work. We are looking much more deeply into issues related to organisational performance and wellbeing, where we need better evidence, better ideas, and new thinking. We wish to partner with qualified people who can join us in exploring some key challenges in our work. 

What kind of work will be done by Senior Fellows?

Each fellow will participate in a range of WAPPAR activities, including but not limited to:

  • Research on priority topics related to coaching, mentoring and wellbeing and to identify opportunities for Institute initiatives and programs;
  • Interaction with key thought leaders in the development of Institute initiatives; 
  • Writing and researching content for Institute communications, including blogs and articles; and  
  • Interaction with WAPPAR doctoral students

Fellows will have the opportunity to apply their lived, professional and academic experience to think about new and existing challenges with the goal of bringing new perspectives to our work. 

If this opportunity appeals to you then please download the following details and apply by submission of the appropriate documentation to