Welcome to Haywood House, the Cardiff base of the Wales Academy of Voice and Dramatic Arts. Take a tour round the different floors with our 360° videos. 

Ground Floor

The ground floor of Haywood House is newly decorated in a simple modern style with white walls and pale grey carpets or light wood on the floors. It includes an entrance hall, a reception area where you can meet the team, a classroom, a computer lab with fifteen Apple Macs, a large studio with a television screen and grand piano, and a recital room containing another grand piano, hybrid teaching technology, as well as a kitchen at the back of the room. The corridors are decorated with photos from past productions.

First Floor

The first floor of Haywood House contains two large rehearsal studios. One is a dance studio with Harlequin dance floor, portable mirrors and Ballet Barres along with a Yamaha PA system and stage piano. The other is flexible space suitable for a range of learning activities. It is equipped with lecture facilities and a stage piano.

Second Floor

The second floor of Haywood House includes a large studio space with Le Mark flooring and portable mirrors along with a Yamaha PA system. It is suitable for a range of activities and can accommodate all disciplines of dance. In addition, there is a studio theatre, a large and flexible black-box theatre space with Le Mark flooring.