Wearing a shirt and waistcoat, Chris Rogers stands under a bright blue sky in front of a vineyard in hilly green country. He holds a glass of rosé in his right hand.

Waiter Judge – Chris Rogers

UK Ambassador for Champagne Cattier

Chris Rogers was born in the market town of Shrewsbury on the Welsh Borders and has spent the majority of his adult life living and working in Wales. After graduating from University of Wales Lampeter, Chris discovered his passion for the wine trade and has found a home there for the past 24 years.

Earning his WSET Diploma and winning one of the top prizes for that year, Chris moved from Off- to On-Trade and has spent the last two decades working with some of the biggest names in the business, developing the wine trade across the whole of Wales and celebrating as the food and wine scene expanded and developed.

In 2015 Chris was the 59th person in history to win the coveted Champagne Academy in Reims and was also accepted as a Chevalier in L’Order des Coteaux de Champagne. Since then, Champagne has dominated his life, making frequent trips to the region and giving talks and tastings across the UK and France.

Chris is now the UK Ambassador for Champagne Cattier, one of the most respected and historic Houses in Champagne, and hosts tastings and events across Wales and beyond as well as consulting with the wider wine business in the UK.