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Siobhan Holt, The Wynnstay Hotel

Photoshoot image of Siobhan Holt in her Young Chef Young Waiter contestant's garb.

I've worked in hospitality through my whole career. My mum raised me by herself while running her own business. Growing up, I learnt to make my way in life by working hard and aiming high.

I got my first job at 14 in hospitality as a pot washer and later progressed to Hospitality Manager of an organisation. By 21 I was running weddings and business conferences for clients such as Red Bull, Wiggan Worriers and Channel 5.

When the pandemic hit and hospitality took the brunt of it, I was furloughed for 14 months. When I returned to work and the uncertainty of the future still evident, my employer decided to close the events department. Earlier this year I was left unable to walk after being involved in a bad accident, needing a leg operation.

I’m overwhelmed with happiness to be involved in this competition, and I finally feel rewarded for my hard work and commitment to the industry.