Confucius Institute Chinese School

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Now about to celebrate its third year, the Confucius Institute Chinese School in Swansea welcomes children of all backgrounds to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture.

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Confucius Institute at UWTSD, in collaboration with the Chinese in Wales Association, has a thriving Sunday school that provides Mandarin Chinese language tuition for children of all ages and backgrounds.  

The school has a carefully structured curriculum that allows primary school pupils to take the Youth Chinese Test from level 1 to level 3, and prepares secondary school pupils to take the Chinese GCSE as well as the HSK Chinese proficiency test.  The focus is on developing the reading and writing skills of children from a Chinese background.

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When does the Chinese school take place?

Every Sunday during normal school term time with the option of taking a morning or afternoon session.

Are the teachers properly qualified?

All our teachers have many years’ experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Most of our teachers are Hanban (Chinese government) trained in TCFL.

Does the school have a proper curriculum?

The school follows Hanban’s curriculum for progressive learning following the Youth Chinese Test, but in addition, we have developed a curriculum that takes into account the heritage Chinese background of most of our pupils. For these pupils, we aim to increase their vocabulary and develop their ability to read and write Chinese characters.

Does the school offer the Chinese GCSE exam?

We work in partnership with Swansea Sixth Form College who administrate the GCSE exam.  From the age of 12, pupils start preparing to take the Chinese GCSE exam over a period of two to three years, depending on their ability and pace of learning.

How large are the classes?

We believe that small classes are best for language learning, so none of our classes is larger than 17 pupils. Most classes have about ten pupils.

How much are the school fees?

The fees for one child are only £210 for the whole academic year, with a small discount for siblings.

New from September 2018

  • We are starting a dedicated Chinese language and culture class for pupils who have no background in Chinese and who would like to enjoy some fun activities such as paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese language taster.
  • New premises in UWTSD’s prestigious SA1 location. From September 2018 the school is located at:

I.Q. Building
University Of Wales Trinity Saint David
Heol Ynys
Kings Road

The Confucius Institute Chinese School offers:

  • Hanban Chinese language curriculum
  • Mandarin GCSE and A level classes
  • Chinese language classes for children age 5 to 16 years
  • Qualified Chinese language teachers
  • Hanban YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)
  • Text books and Chinese library
  • Affordable fees
  • Modern classrooms with IT facilities
  • Convenient location: SA1 Swansea Waterfront
  • Chinese culture activities in UK and China