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Croeso: Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Management.

The Business of Life

The Faculty of Business and Management is comprised of three Schools and a national Institute, each with a unique identity but with a common commitment to developing creative, skilled and employable graduates able to take their place as global citizens in a constantly changing world.

The Faculty is spread right across the University’s campuses in West Wales with significant numbers of students following programmes at Swansea Business Campus, at the Carmarthen Campus and at our partner colleges. The Faculty is committed to the dual-sector University and works very closely with the wider Wales Trinity Saint David Group offering courses in as many locations as possible.

In addition The Business School shares many of its programme with our London campus and at International Learning Centres across the world. We are also committed to learning in the workplace and at community outreach venues, ensuring as many students as possible are able to combine study with work and family commitments. This wider faculty engagement offers great opportunities for collaboration, progression and innovation for all staff and students.

The Business School

The Business School provides undergraduate, postgraduate, research and professional programmes at our campuses in Swansea, Carmarthen and London. The School is a learning community committed to offering a progressive management education from diploma/certificate level to doctoral degree level, in a flexible and student-friendly manner. To maximise graduate employability, all programmes incorporate workshops, project-based learning, practical activities and research projects. Many of our programmes are mapped to the professional body qualifications, such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).This ensures that our courses provide learners with the skills desired by today’s employers.

Swansea Business School

In Swansea Business School, the emphasis is on ensuring that our programmes remain cutting-edge. Business is changing, it’s no longer the preserve of “men in suits” and the programmes at Swansea Business Campus reflect the exciting new enterprise agenda – it’s definitely not “ business as usual”.

Carmarthen Business School

Responsive to its beautiful campus location, Carmarthen Business School offers a portfolio of programmes that respond to the increasing requirement of businesses to be not only profitable but also ethical and sustainable. The unique demands of the rural economy are also highlighted enabling students to gain a real understanding of the challenges for small and medium enterprises.

Sport, Health, Public Services and Outdoor Education

The Sport, Health, Public Services and Outdoor Education portfolio is perfectly situated, in both rural West Wales and at the heart of Swansea City.

  • In Carmarthen, the focus is on health and the outdoors with fantastic beaches and a countryside ideal for health and exercise. As its name suggests the School offers programmes concentrating on physical activity whether in health, nutrition, sport or outdoor education. Students explore the psychology behind well-being and the unique relationship that exists between the individual, the group and the environment whether at home or abroad.
  • In Swansea, the programmes focus on Public Service, Sport Management and Health and Social Care taking advantage of the multi-agency opportunities with the University’s external partnerships, including employers’ organisations, professional associations and other public sector organisations to ensure our work is firmly embedded in the life of the city.

Tourism, Events and Hospitality

Tourism, Events and Hospitality is located at Swansea Business Campus but has a world-wide reach providing fantastic opportunities for international placements and field study trips. The School’s academic portfolio explores the generic management and leadership skills across events, leisure, tourism and hospitality while developing a detailed understanding of issues within each specific sector. The programmes focus on developing employability skills and industry knowledge with exciting field study trips within the UK and overseas. Event-based internships, placements, guest lectures, tutorials, industry presentations and project based activities equip students with real- life learning critical for future employment.

Wales Institute for Work-Based Learning

Wales Institute for Work-Based Learning is a sector leading institute delivering and accrediting programmes in the workplace. It is learner-centred and encourages inclusion, widening access and lifelong learning. It has a distinctive portfolio of multi-award winning employment-focused modules within its Professional Practice Programme, each customised to meet the needs of individuals and their employers. Accreditation of prior learning is key to the programme, either for learning gained through the experience of work or through previous study. Students study individual modules at various academic levels commensurate with their past experience. This is negotiated, partnership-focused learning that involves the learner, the employer and the University that really makes a difference to individuals and organisations.

The Bottom Line – Managing your future

In all areas of the Faculty’s work, great attention is given to each student’s personal, professional and educational journey; providing opportunities for international travel, work-placements with industry and experiential learning with others.

The integration of theory and practice, finding creative solutions to complex problems and being able to understand personal strengths and areas for development provides each graduate with a skills passport for future employability.

To transform, shape and develop futures through:

Practice-based education from tracksuit to boardroom

  • The Faculty of Business and Management defines practice-based education as the symbiosis of physical, intellectual and emotional learning in the achievement of specified individual and collective goals.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management focuses on developing educational provision within and across the disciplines of its constituent academic units whilst seeking interdisciplinary opportunities across the wider University.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management believes that through applied research and collaboration with a range of public and private organisations, its academics, students and graduates can make a sustainable impact on community engagement, economic regeneration and social justice.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management believes that key graduate attributes for employment and entrepreneurship, such as contextualization, collaboration, critical analysis and creativity, are most effectively developed within a practice-based curriculum focusing on experiential projects and critical enquiry.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management considers that understanding and applying the processes for acquiring and developing core management skills is a key graduate attribute for contemporary employment and career progression.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management asserts that the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of individuals and communities are pre-requisites for the social, political and economic sustainability of Wales, and that the University and Faculty have an important contribution to make within the arena of health and public service.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management is committed to widening opportunities for study through the development of flexible, innovative programmes responsive to the needs of students and employers; delivered in accessible locations taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by new technologies.
  • The Faculty of Business and Management believes that collaboration is central to all aspects of its portfolio and that it is ideally placed to work with other schools, faculties, practitioners and educational providers to create and deliver higher education locally, nationally and internationally.


roger maidment

Roger Maidment
Dean of Faculty of Business and Management